Pahadi Paneer Sabji Masala Review with Recipe

Hi guys!! How are you all? From the past two days It has been raining here but now the weather has been good. Coming to today’s post I am going to review Galaji Pahadi Paneer Sabji Masala . After trying many products from the market I really enjoyed the dish which I made from Pahadi  Paneer Sabji Masala. The richness and flavour is amazing😍! It adds the perfect taste to my dishes.

Moving on, this product is manufactured and packed by UNNATI FOOD PRODUCTS, VADODARA.  Their products are pure,authentic and tasty. If you are worried about its quality, then you need not to think twice as It has FSSAI mark on it. This means It’s safe:)!


Chilli,Green chilli,Cornflour,Coriander seeds,Skimmed milk powder,Kasuri methi,Coriander leaves,Cashews, Watermelon seeds, Salt, Spices,Herbs and Condiments in Dry powder form,Contains Edible Oil.


INR 120 for 50gm.


Now this product is available at AMAZON.


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When I was going to try this one, I had my fingers crossed about how the taste would be? I made my dish and I must say I was very impressed ,as Its taste is so delicious, yummy,superb quality😁! Specifically  when you are cooking something involving paneer ,you need to have that good quality spices else It will ruin your dish totally:'(! As I love cooking then If I don’t get the ingredients I am looking for then Its be the deal breaker. But I must say recipes which I tried with this masala are all Lip smackingly delicious😍!! Great taste and tastes best!

My Rating-  5/5

RECIPE- As I tried many recipes of paneer by using this pahadi paneer sabji masala. I must say all are unique . Now I am going to share the recipe of Mixed pahadi paneer sabji

Mixed Pahadi Paneer Recipe-


Capsicum- 1 pcs.                                      Carrot-4-5.                                                Beans-  100gms.                                      Green peas- 1 cup.                                  Tomatoes-2-3.                                         Onions(optional)- 2-3                            Garlic(optional)- 3-4 cloves.                Ginger- a small piece.                           Curd- 1/2 cup.                                            Paneer-100 gm.                                        Pahadi paneer masala -3tbs.               Salt- as per taste


Take all vegetables and after washing it properly, cut into small pieces. Then pressure cook it for only 3-4 minutes.

After opening and straining the vegetables fry it all on a nonstick tava or kadahi.

Make a paste of onion,garlic,ginger and tomatoes. Then take a nonstick kadahi and pour some oil in it. Then put all the paste and fry very well .

Keep aside in one bowl a mixture of curd and pahadi paneer masala.

Now add the curd mixture into onion paste and stir well for some time.

Add all the veggies and paneer in the kadahi and pour 1 cup of water and salt in it. Cook it on a low flame for 5-10 minutes.

Serve it with roti or rice as per your wish. It goes very well with roti,rice,puree and naan too. Amazing dish with all vegetables. You can give a new taste to your recipes as kids generally don’t want to eat all veggies but by adding this masala you can chage the whole flavour and as my daughters and my hubby like it very much ,I am damn sure If you try It ,It become favourite of your all family members. A great dish with a great spice:):)!

I also tried this spice while making  Button Mushroom

You can make only a paneer recipe by using this spice-

I also tried to make tikkas by adding this spice, I totally love the taste It gives to my  Tikkas . Amazingly gives a spicy and yummy flavour when I added this spice while making tikkas.

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