An Ideal Diet Plan😊

Hello everyone! 

Hope you all are doing well! Today I am sharing you an Ideal diet plan which I had just prepared for my loving sister and today I am very much happy to tell you that It works great 😀! Tell me one thing, who is not obsessed with losing weight?? I think every second person would tell you they want to change their body. No one is satisfied here. Indulging in wellness to look fit and stay young is the most sought-after luxury in today’s world. No price is high enough if It gives the desired result. 

Losing weight is not impossible as many people think😱 it is. It does take a lot of dedication and a little bit of hard work. Now I am sharing you a secret diet plan😍! As you all would know that I am pure vegetarian so this plan is also a Veg Diet Plan ,this is not just to lose weight but It is also a maintenance method for a slim and proportionate body. 

First of all I would like to suggest you to add Natural Antibiotics in your daily routine meal which I had already metioned in my posts. You can see it, the link is-

My favourite magic masala- chill! It’s not the masala which I had reviewed  in my previous posts😜 Its a special one which I myself tried and believe me It works so great. It is also helpful to asthmatic patient also. I always like to prepare myself in home, used fresh as then it is more effective.


Fenugreek, Fennel, Black pepper, Black cardamoms, Green Cardamoms, Carom seeds, Cinnamon ,Cloves,Nigella seeds, Dry ginger,Flax seeds,Turmeric powder.

Quantities of black cardamoms, green cardamoms, cloves and cinnamon should be 1/4th of the rest spices.

Mix all and grind them well in a mixi. Now your magic masala is ready. Its very effective in a stomach problems and also relieves any type of body pain as knee pain, back pain etc. You can take it 1tbs daily in  morning with luke warm water.

Diet Plan-

Early morning before breakfast-

When you wake up then after brushing take one glass of luke warm lemon water with honey. You can drink 2-3 glasses of water as per your capability.                                         Brisk walking for 1/2 an hour is must if you are not doing any exercise.

Breakfast-  Brown bread/oats/cornflakes/sprouts/fruit salad/poha/upma/idlis/daliya + 1 glass of skimmed milk+ 4 almonds+one fruit

Lunch- A bowl of salad+two chapatis+ a bowl of seasonal veggi excluding potato+half bowl of rice(optional) + 1/2 glass of buttermilk.

After lunch take  cobadex forte . It is for vitamin B12 with vitaminC

Evening- 1 cup of green tea+sprouts+one apple

Before taking dinner take 1tsp of isabgol bhusi or triphla powder daily.

Brisk walking for 1/2 an hour.

Dinner- one bowl of soup/salad+one chapati+one bowl of cooked veggie.

Post dinner- If you are not taking milk in morning then you can take it before going to bed.

Drink more water atleast 3-4 litres per day.

 Try to follow this diet plan and please give me your valuable responses . I am waiting . You can lose 2kg of weight in one month which is an ideal weight loss.

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Till then eat healthy,stay healthy and be happy😊

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