Cooking Tips

Hello friends,

Hope you all are doing well! Today I am going to share you some useful cooking tips.  

 Storage of Spices- Being a housewife Its a big problem to store spices after opening its seal or packet. There are chances of it being spoil. So we have to find a better option to store it. Some tried to store in glass bottle or some tried to put in plastic bottle. There is no need to transfer your spices from its original packing. You have just to do one task. Make a space in your fridge to place spices there. Just store there . They will remain fresh for many months. As for example If you keep  chat masala outside in any container then after some time its texture change and it appears wet. So to cop up with these problems just put your all spices in fridge and free from all tensions. As you agree with the fact that spices are not so cheap๐Ÿ˜Š. Try this at once and I am 100%  sure that you all will thank me for giving such a tip๐Ÿ˜€!

Storing onion,ginger-garlic paste- If you are interested in making onion,ginger&garlic paste in fridge for a long time without adding any preservative then I have a nice tip for you,guys. After washing and cutting all these you have to fry all these in a kadahi after pouring one tsp of oil. Try to do in a nonstick kadahi. When they all become dark brown then give some time to cool it. After cooling make a paste in your mixer without adding water . After that store in a plastic lid glass bottle. Store it in your fridge. Whenever you need some paste ,take it out and use it . You can store it for 20-25 days. What a easy tip ๐Ÿ˜€! Try this.

Tips regarding your pressure-cooker- As you all are aware of the fact that pressure cooker is an important thing to cook our meal quickly but do you know that we should not cook sour things in aluminium based cooker. Because due to chemical reaction , it is bad for your health. So, If its necessary to add tomoto then you can add it seperately cooked in a steal vessel and then mix it in. You can also increase your cooker gasket life by just put in fridge after using it. When you are not using your cooker then after cleaning the gasket (rubber) , which is used in cooker lid and essential for a cooker , put it in a plastic packet and store in your fridge. It will increase the life of gasket.                                             Hope you all will like it.Share your experience with me and also the problems if you are facing regarding anything else. I would love to help you in your problems๐Ÿ˜€!        

P.S.- All pictures and tips are solely mine.

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