Bread Upma Recipe/Bread Poha/ Quick Breakfast Recipe

Hi guys!

Hope you all are doing great ! Today I am going to share a very easy and quick bread upma or bread poha recipe. Bread upma is generally a variation of the traditional upma recipe which is made by using semolona or suji. It is very good in taste and favourite of all. You can make it for the tiffin of your kids.

You can see step by step recipe on my You Tube channel- cradle of joy. Here is the link-


* Bread- 7-8

* Onion- 1 big size or 2 medium size

* Tomato- 1 medium sized tomato

* Boiled Potatoes-2 medium sized

* mustard seeds- 1 tsp

* Green chilli- 1 or as per taste

* Turmeric- 1 tsp

* Coriander leaves- half cup

* Peanuts or moongfali- 1/4th cup

* lemon juice- 1-2 tsp as per taste

* Salt- as per taste

* Oil-2 tsp


1. Firstly, cut bread in to small square pieces . Keep aside.

2. Peel and cut onions into small pieces and cut tomato, green chilli and coriander leaves into small pieces.

3. Take a kadahi on medium flamed burner. Add oil. Then mix, mustard seeds, green chilli and onions.

4. When onions turned brown , add tomatoes & turmeric. After 1-2 minutess add boiled potatoes. Let it cook for a while.

5. Mix bread pieces, salt and 1-2 tsp of water. Stir it well. Mix coriander leaves, peanuts and lemon juice.

Your tasty bread upma or bread poha is ready to serve.

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