Paneer Bhurji/Chena Bhurji Recipe With Video

Hi guys,

Hope you all are doing great!! Well, today I am going to share paneer bhurji recipe which is also called Chena bhurji in Bengal. Chena or paneer is Indian Cotrage cheese, which is very healthy and nutritious. This is a very quick and easy recipe. Sometimes we have no time to cook any curry, then you can instantly make this tasty paneer bhurji😊!

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1. Paneer/Indian cottage cheese-200 gms

2. Onion- 1(cut into small pieces)

3. Green chilli-1

4. Green coriander- 1/4th cup

5. Black pepper- as per taste

6. Salt- as per taste

7. Oil- 1 tbs

8. Tomato-1


1. Take a sauce pan on a medium flamed burner with oil in it.

2. Put cut green chilli and onion. Stir it till it became brown.

3. Add tomato and cook.

4. Mix mashed paneer or chena. Add salt and black pepper. Mix it well.

5. Add green ciriander and tasty paneer fry or chena fey is ready to serve.

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4 thoughts on “Paneer Bhurji/Chena Bhurji Recipe With Video

  1. Best Indian Food Blog says:

    Recipe is really nice but want to clear that Chena and Paneer is not the same.
    Chhena is Semi processed and therefore it is loose and contains substantial amount of water. Paneer on the other hand goes through several steps of preparation including mild boiling and therefore it has a much tighter texture. And tastes are widely different to each.
    I mention because people could be confused with Chhena and Paneer.

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