Home Remedy For Hair Fall

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How are you all doing in summer? I am enjoying my holidays nowadays and its so relaxing. Today I am going to share the home remedy for hair fall as one of my friend asked me . May be many of you are also facing the same problem and I must say hair fall

is the most annoying problem and it’s also true that women are more sensitive towards their look. So here is a most effective remedy for hair fall which not only cures falling of hair but also help you to get long and thick hair. You can also see it on my You Tube channel- cradle of joy . Link is-


Onion- 1 medium sized

Ginger- 6-7 inches

Aloevera- a small piece/ Aloevera gel- 1 tsp

Lemon- 1 medium sized


Peel off the skin of aloevera, ginger and onion. Squeeze the juice of lemon. Now put all the ingredients in a mixer jar and make a paste without adding water. Now apply this paste on your scalp for one hour and after that wash it with  normal water by using any herbal shampoo. You will see that hair fall would reduce instantly.

Hope you will like it. Share your problem with me.

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Baking Soda Facial Mask/DIY face Mask Video

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Hope you all are doing great! Today come with an effective remedy to get clean,clear ,acne free and wrinkle free skin. I think Its a dream of everone :):)! Isn’t it?? Well, today I will share a really effective home made face pack ,the best part is you don’t need to spend a single penny on expensive beauty products. 

You can see the full procedure in my video , in both languages, ENGLISH AND HINDI.

hope you all will like and enjoy .Do not forget to subscribe my channel-cradle of joy. (Here also, you don’t need to spend a single penny:mrgreen:)

Hope you all will like and enjoy! 

Home Remedies for Cough And Cold-Part 2(With Video) 

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Hope you all are doing great!  Today I am going to share some more home remedies for cough and cold which have no side effects.  You can also see it on my YouTube channel-cradle of joy.  I am also giving the link.  You can see the full method of  the remedies and right way to use it. Hope my this step will surely help you. 

/Cumin seeds–  1 tsp of jeera could be chewed 2-3 times in a day. It will help in curing cough and cold. 

Jeera Tea/Cumin Tea– Take 1 tsp of jeera/cumin+8-10 basil leaves+ 1  inch of crushed ginger, boil all in a cup of water for 5 minutes and after straining it, drink hot. 

Honey And Garlic Mixture

 Take 1 clove of washed  and peeled garlic, crush it and mix 1 tsp of honey. Take it 2-3 times in a day. It will give instant relief. 

Hope you all would like these remedies:)!

Home Remedies For Cough & Cold

Hi guys! 

Hope you all are doing great!  Today I am going to share some home remedies for cough and cold.  Cough and cold is not a big disease but if you are in grip of this disease it irritates very much 😣. Our pantry /kitchen itself is a mini medicine shop where you can easily find many ingredients of different diseases. You just need to know about the right ingredient . Here is also a video . 

Miracle Drink-

Ingredient– Warm water-1 cup, Apple Cider Vinegar – 1tbsp, Lemon juice-1 tbsp, Ginger juice-1 tbsp, Honey-1 tbsp. 

Method-Mix all the ingredients in a cup of warm water and take it two or three times in a day. 

Second tip-

Ingredients- Basil juice-1 tsp, Ginger juice-1 tsp, Cinnamon powder- 1/4 tsp,Black pepper powder-1/4 tsp, Honey-1 tbsp

Method-Mix all the ingredients and take it one tsp at a regular interval of three hours. 

Hope you all like these remedies. 

Health Tips For Heart♥ Problems

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Today I am  back with some health related tips. Since its a long time when I  had posted any article relating to health remedies. As Cholesterol & BP is the main problem of heart attack. Heart blockage is also a main problem  during these days.  Even I had lost my father due to heart attack:'(I was too young to understand these things that time. But now I could easily understand . That’s why I am going to post this one to alert everyone from this life threatening health issues.  We can save ourselves and others by  using of simple ingridents which are easily available in our kitchen.As  Kitchen is our mini medical store .

Here is an easy home remedy to prevent heart attack and heart blockage. My main motto is to encourage everyone to adopt Ayuervedic medicine to prevent general and sometimes serious health issues.  


Ginger juice-1 cup,Garlic juice-1 cup, Lemon juice-1 cup, Apple Cider Vinegar – 1 cup& Honey-3 cups

Method- Mix Ginger juice, Lemon juice, Garlic juice and Apple Cider Vineger in a big container and boil on medium flame untill it remains around 3 cups. Turn off the gas and let it cool down. After cooling mix honey and store in a glass container. 


3 tsp daily to prevent heart attack and heart blockage.

 It also prevents you from many diseases and increases the immunity power. So anyone can take it to keep himself/herself free from diseases. 

P. S. – All photos are taken from Google. 
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Home Remedy for Allergies and Skin Problems 

Hi guys,

How are you all?  Hope you all are fine. Have you ever suffered or are suffering from skin problems or allergies. I think most of us have faced this problem . If you are fed up of doing everything to treat your problems and get no relief or don’t want to take more allopathic medicines then you all should try to use this medicine which is totally fully proved and has no side effects .This one is shared by my sister-in-law and I really love it because by taking this I am fully fit. Anyone who has no health issues they can  also try to use this without any doubt because it will keep you away from many diseases automatically. 


Neem leaves-  50 gm

Raw turmeric – 50 gm

Amla powder- 50 gm

Black pepper powder-50 gm


1.   First of all take neem leaves. After washing it keep aside. Take Raw turmeric/ kacchi haldi ,peel off its skin , wash it and cut into small pieces.  Grind both neem leaves and turmeric by adding some water in a mixer grinder. Make a smooth fine paste. Keep aside. Don’t use more water only try to add water which is sufficient for making it a smooth paste. 

2. Then add Amla powder and black pepper powder and mix well.

3.   Now make small balls as shown below in the pic. just like gems or small tablet. Keep it in the sun to dry for 2-3 days. After that keep them in a glass bottle and daily take one ball early in the morning without eating any other thing. 

If you are not willing to do so much task of making this medicine then there is also an alternative too:mrgreen:.  You can take all ingredients in powder form and mix all. Then take 1tbs daily. Wow:)I think its quite easy for those who don’t find neem leaves and raw turmeric. 

P. S. – All pictures and views are mine .

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An Ideal Diet Plan😊

Hello everyone! 

Hope you all are doing well! Today I am sharing you an Ideal diet plan which I had just prepared for my loving sister and today I am very much happy to tell you that It works great 😀! Tell me one thing, who is not obsessed with losing weight?? I think every second person would tell you they want to change their body. No one is satisfied here. Indulging in wellness to look fit and stay young is the most sought-after luxury in today’s world. No price is high enough if It gives the desired result. 

Losing weight is not impossible as many people think😱 it is. It does take a lot of dedication and a little bit of hard work. Now I am sharing you a secret diet plan😍! As you all would know that I am pure vegetarian so this plan is also a Veg Diet Plan ,this is not just to lose weight but It is also a maintenance method for a slim and proportionate body. 

First of all I would like to suggest you to add Natural Antibiotics in your daily routine meal which I had already metioned in my posts. You can see it, the link is-


My favourite magic masala- chill! It’s not the masala which I had reviewed  in my previous posts😜 Its a special one which I myself tried and believe me It works so great. It is also helpful to asthmatic patient also. I always like to prepare myself in home, used fresh as then it is more effective.


Fenugreek, Fennel, Black pepper, Black cardamoms, Green Cardamoms, Carom seeds, Cinnamon ,Cloves,Nigella seeds, Dry ginger,Flax seeds,Turmeric powder.

Quantities of black cardamoms, green cardamoms, cloves and cinnamon should be 1/4th of the rest spices.

Mix all and grind them well in a mixi. Now your magic masala is ready. Its very effective in a stomach problems and also relieves any type of body pain as knee pain, back pain etc. You can take it 1tbs daily in  morning with luke warm water.

Diet Plan-

Early morning before breakfast-

When you wake up then after brushing take one glass of luke warm lemon water with honey. You can drink 2-3 glasses of water as per your capability.                                         Brisk walking for 1/2 an hour is must if you are not doing any exercise.

Breakfast-  Brown bread/oats/cornflakes/sprouts/fruit salad/poha/upma/idlis/daliya + 1 glass of skimmed milk+ 4 almonds+one fruit

Lunch- A bowl of salad+two chapatis+ a bowl of seasonal veggi excluding potato+half bowl of rice(optional) + 1/2 glass of buttermilk.

After lunch take  cobadex forte . It is for vitamin B12 with vitaminC

Evening- 1 cup of green tea+sprouts+one apple

Before taking dinner take 1tsp of isabgol bhusi or triphla powder daily.

Brisk walking for 1/2 an hour.

Dinner- one bowl of soup/salad+one chapati+one bowl of cooked veggie.

Post dinner- If you are not taking milk in morning then you can take it before going to bed.

Drink more water atleast 3-4 litres per day.

 Try to follow this diet plan and please give me your valuable responses . I am waiting . You can lose 2kg of weight in one month which is an ideal weight loss.

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Till then eat healthy,stay healthy and be happy😊


Hello everyone,

Hope you all are doing fine. Here it has been  raining since yesterday, so I couldn’t take photos for my products which I had got recently for reviewing😢! Till then, I want to share some simple tips or home remedies which I think you all would like.

*Immune system- If you want to increase the immunity power then start taking                                                 1tsp honey+a pinch of cinnamon.

   You can take it in a cup of green tea to protect the body from viral. I had earlier posted a blog on this topic .You can also visit that one.  

    * Pimples- I think acne is a main problem of teenagers. You can apply this one for atleast half an hour or more-                                           3tbs honey+1 tsp cinnamon powder.                                                     It works very well. You can apply it on regular basis.              

To cure diabetes:

If you want to cure diabetes or want to control it then start taking one tbs methi seeds/fenugreek seeds ,soak in water overnight and drink this first thing in the morning on empty stomach.

*Cold and Cough- Cold and cough is a common problem . I had already posted a blog on this topic.You can check it.                                                          1tsp honey+1/4tsp cinnamon powder.                                                       Its very helpful to cure most chronic cough ,cold and clear sinuses.


Drink a cup of warm water to which 1tsp honey +few drops of lemon have been added .This soothes the symptoms and the same time loosens the phelgm so that the body can get rid of it.This should be repeated around 2 or 3 times.   

* Arthritis- Arthritis patient can be benefit by taking 1tbs honey+a pinch of cinnamon powder with one cup of warm water. It should be taken regularly.                                        

*Upset Stomach-

Ginger juice is best for curing upset stomach. You can also add  a pinch of cinnamon  powder in it. You can take 1/2 tsp of ginger juice . It cures stomach ache and also clear stomach ulcers from the root.

* Skin Infections- You can  apply honey +cinnamon powder in equal parts on the affected area. It cures eczema,ringworms and all types of skin infections.I had earlier mentioned in my previous blog that taking Indra jao is good for skin infections and allergy. But sorry friends I couldn’t find its English name. It is easily available in India in any grocery shop.     

For Acidity-

Acidity is a more common problem . Add 1tsp of fennel seeds to one cup of warm water and leave it overnight.Strain the water in the morning ,add 1tsp honey and drink it. If you want to cure it then drink it atleast 3times a day .  For more see my another blog on this topic.

Hope you all will like this☺!

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Natural Homemade Face Masks

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all are enjoying your holidays! Well, you all know that applying face masks is a part of our beauty regime. If you are fed up of spending so much bucks on beauty parlour then here are some homemade face masks for youthful,beautiful and glowing skin. These face masks are natural and you can get all ingredients easily from your kitchen.

Face mask for clear skin- If you want to clear your face then use lemon and honey ,both are natural cleaning agent so you can use it without any doubt .                                 1 tsp lemon+2tsp honey.       

               Mix the ingredients and apply it on your face .Leave it on 20-30 minutes.Then rinse the face with luke warm water.                                 Face masks for oily skin- According to my view ,oily skin is the most problematic one because it is more acne prone skin so by applying  this face mask you can make your skin healthy and acne free. You would apply a mixture of     2tsp aloevera gel+1 tsp turmeric.    

Leave it for about 30 minutes Then rinse the face with lukewarm water. Apply this mask regularly if needed.  Face mask for Glowing skin- Glowing skin is the dream of every girl.Your dream can be fulfilled if you use these ingredients regularly.  2tbs yogurt+2tbs lemon juice.     

      These two acts effectively for glowing skin.Mix the ingredients and apply it on your face. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes. Then rinse the face with luke warm water.           Face mask for clear up acne-             If you are fed up of applying so many anti acne products on your face then try this one ,i am sure you would get an acne free beautiful face soon-                                                   1 tsp cinnamon+2 tbs honey.      


Apply the mixture of above on your face for 30 minutes then rinse the face with luke warm water.                  Face mask for brighten skin-          Well girls, do you all want brighten skin for yourselves? Then i have a magical face mask for you ,just apply it for 20-30 minutes for some days and see the magic-                        1 tsp tomato juice+2 tbs milk.          Face mask for healthy skin-  Its a desire for anyone to get healthy skin . You can apply-                             1/4 tsp turmeric+ 1 tbs coconut oil

   Mixture of these ingredients work wonder for getting healthy skin. You can use it regularly.                        Face mask for tighten and firm skin-  If you are willing to tighten and firm your skin then you can use this face mask-                                        2 tsp coffee powder+2tsp honey.  

  Apply the mixture of these ingredients on your face ,soon you would surely get a tighten skin.         Face mask for every skin type- Anyone can use this face mask.Your complextion as well as your dark spots on your face would soon be disappeared if you used it on a regular basis-                                           1tsp potato juice+1tsp tomato juice+1tsp ginger juice+ 1 tsp lemon juice.                                            Apply the above one on your face for atleast one hour.Soon you would get a healthy,clean and acne free skin.This one is my favorite face mask . 

Hope you all will like it.                   

P.S.- All pictures are taken from google.

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